Floods sweep away camps for displaced people in Marib Governorate

On Sunday 07/08/2022, many homes and camps for the displaced people were damaged in the Marib Governorate, as a result of heavy and torrential rains, and strong winds in the governorate.

A preliminary official report revealed that 16,735 displaced families have been completely or partially affected by the rain, torrential floods and thunderstorms in the governorate since last Sunday evening, expecting an increase in the number of those affected, in the meantime the field monitoring teams continue their work of monitoring.

Al-Athar Al-Jameel Association reached to the report issued by the Executive Unit for the Management of displaced people Camps in Marib stated that 5,287 displaced families completely affected and 11,448 families partially affected, distributed over camps and population centers in 4 districts (Al-Madina, Marib Al-Wadi, Raghwan, and Harib).

It is worth noting that the number of displaced people in Marib exceeded the threshold of 2 million and 300 thousand people, according to the report of the Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced people Camps in Marib Governorate (governmental report),

Hundreds of families of the citizens and the displaced launched a distress call to the authorities and international relief organizations to help them urgently, as hundreds of families became homeless.

In addition, Al-Athar Al-Jameel Association calls upon supporters, benefactors and humanitarian partners to speed up the emergency response and provide relief to the stricken families in those camps.