Güzel Eser Association

Güzel Eser is an independent, non-profit civil organization concerned with development and humanitarian work in Yemen. It was established in Istanbul on October 21, 2019 and operates under license No. {34-118/256}, issued by the competent authorities. It has financial and administrative independence and legal personality.  It enjoys full capacity to practice its activities and programs in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

The leading model and the best partner in comprehensive humanitarian development

 We contribute to improving the

quality of life for people in Yemen, by strengthening efforts of cooperation and fruitful partnerships with development partners and humanitarian work locally and internationally, adopting best practices and comprehensive development programs, and emergency response to the humanitarian needs of vulnerable groups in society in accordance with the best standards of institutional work and principles of human dignity

Mastery – Transparency – Honesty – Excellence – Partnership – Humanitarian

  • _ Achieving the highest standards of quality, efficiency, transparency and continuous development of the association’s performance.
    _ Mobilizing all the energies, expertise and resources necessary to achieve the association’s vision and objectives.
    _Strengthening partnerships with regional and international bodies concerned with development, humanitarian and relief work.
    _Gaining the trust of donors and supporting bodies and increasing and developing financial resources.
    _ Effective intervention duringdisasters and crises and mitigating their effects on socially vulnerable groups.

Latest projects

Güzel Eserimizden yararlanan sayısı

Emergency response
Orphan sponsorship
Food security
Protection and shelter
Water and environmental
Societal development

Latest News

Our Projects

Food Aids

Providing the Necessary Foodstuff to the Afflicted and Families in Need

Orphans Care

Providing care and services to orphans and providing them with a decent life

Shelter Aids

Providing protection services to displaced communities and vulnerable groups

Clean Water

Providing drinking water projects and distributing them to the cities most in need


Contribute to improving and supporting education and combating illiteracy


Providing health care and services to those affected and the most needy groups

Emergency Response

Providing Protection Services to Displaced Communities and Vulnerable Groups.

Sustainable Development

Contribution to Societal Development