Winter Aids

Winter Aids

The people of Yemen started to realize and feel all the difficulties of the war such as war traumas, poverty, and forced migration under the conditions of civil war that started in 2014. The cold winter nights, it fell like a nightmare in the worn-out tents of refugees in IDP camps and adds hunger to their hunger, troubles to their troubles. The hiccups of the children who are not durable to the cold, the groans of helpless elderly, and the cries of starving people rise from these tents. Statistics in the reports of international organizations tell us the following rates about Yemen, which is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world:

  • 24.4 million Yemeni people need humanitarian assistance
  • 3.3 million Yemeni people cannot return to their home
  • 20.1 million people live under the poverty line
  • 17.8 million people need clean drinking waterr
  • 7.4 million children are malnourishedr

We invite you to help the millions of people who are under difficult conditions. Your donations will keep them alive.

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