Drinking-Water Distribution Project

Drinking-Water Distribution Project

The rationale of the Project

1. Lack of clean and drinking water in İDP camps and increasing costs.
2. Spread of cholera epidemic caused by polluted water.
3. Increased health and environmental damages caused by the use of polluted water.
4. The daily increase in the number of affected and displaced from circumstance and increased poverty.

The Goals of Project

1. Providing clean water for displaced, poor, and affected people.
2. To prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic by providing healthy and clean water.
3. To alleviate the suffering of poor and displaced families living in difficult economic conditions.
4. To improve the health conditions of poor and displaced families by providing healthy and clean water.

Expected Effect of the Project

Considering the problems experienced by displaced families in light of the data above, the importance of the project becoming revealed. Consequently, we hope that the project will contribute to the improvement of the health status of the targeted families and reduce their pain and distress by providing clean drinking water.

Project Management

• The institution (Güzel Eser Humanitarian Aid Association) will be responsible for the implementation of the project in the eyes of financing institution and a decision will be made together on how the project will be supervised.
• In the implementation of the project, a results-based management style will be adopted.
• The institution will be directly coordinated with expert staff and organizations in the implementation of all necessary activities.

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